I have lived across several states on either side of the country, so its hard to say where I’m from. My family currently lives in Utah where I finished high school and went to college. I did most of my childhood growing-up in Alabama. I completed an M.S. in Applied Biological Science at Arizona State University in 2011.

After my time in Arizona I spent several years moving around much of the western US and even a stint back east. In that time, I’ve worked with the United States Geological Survey and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. I also have taught courses (Biology, Environmental Science, and Anatomy and Physiology) at community colleges in both Utah and North Carolina.

I have now landed in Reno where I am excited to join the Ph.D program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology – EECB. I also am part of the Chemical Ecology Program here at UNR.

I also enjoy writing short stories and some non-fiction. Peruse at your pleasure on the Blog tab above.

Other interests include most things outside: hiking, climbing, snowboarding, fishing, and trail running. But I’m sure I’ll be getting acquainted with lots of sitting as well.


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